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Project Dharohar: Because history and legacy matter.

One man’s passion has become our mission.

The late Shri Prakaschandraji Surana was not only a history student but also a frequent visitor to ancient sites. He consistently made efforts in spreading the same message through both formal and informal platforms. The direction we want to go in, where people comprehend history, tradition, and culture, was his endeavour.

History is not a subject that has no significance now; rather, it links events throughout time and encourages students to consider these connections over the long term. History is not taught to us as our heritage, but rather as a topic.

By requiring us to recall certain dates and events in order to receive some marks, it becomes even more dry and monotonous. Because of this, we only consider it from the perspective of the subject and overlook the pride in our legacy.

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Under Project Dharohar, Quantum Foundation and The Orchid School s history club had Late Shri Prakashchandra SURANA memorial History Debate competition.

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Orchid School's History Club formed under Project Dharohar delved into the mysteries of prehistory during an epic tour at The Deccan College Museum. An initiative by Quantum Foundation for creating love for rich Historical Heritage.

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2023 Awards

The year 2023 awardees were Dr. Dr.G.B. Deglurkar, M.A., Ph.D. (Letters), D. Lit. (Literature), a distinguished archaeologist and scholar in sculpture and the first chancellor of the Deccan College, Pune, and RJ Sangram, the young Radio Jockey and writer, director, and presenter of the Marathi podcast “Itihas navachi vyakti”. The prestigious awards were given at the hands of Mrs. Pushpa P SURANA, Trustee Quantum Foundation. The award function was carried out in the honourable presence of Dr. Pramodkumar Pandey, VC, Deccan College Deemed University, Dr. Prasad Joshi, Prof. Sonal Kulkarni, Prof. Sable, Prof. Jog from Deccan College, and a large audience of history enthusiasts from various fields and age groups.

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Dr. Shrikant Pradhan and Mr. Siddhant Agnihotri for their outstanding contributions to history.

What we aim to acquire through Project Dharohar

Our goal is to increase young peoples' knowledge of their historical legacies. Introducing the famous historians to the young people would help them understand the rich history of India.

Additionally, this will spark young peoples' interest in both Indian and global history. In addition, we will give rewards to archaeological and historical site researchers and honor historians for their contributions to the history and archaeology fields.

How we plan to do it

We will establish history clubs in various schools, universities, and other educational institutions and work with them to present historical information through engaging tales, persuasive arguments, and thoroughly researched lectures by eminent historians. We will also assist clubs in planning excursions to historic locations.

We have made the decision to offer, to begin with, scholarships for research/researchers in history and archaeology as well as for students taking competitive examinations with history as the main subject. We will conduct audio and video interviews with famous historians about significant historical events and regimes.

Our collaborator

Study Glows, one of our collaborators, is an organization founded by Mr. Siddhant Agnihotri, who has a well-researched video channel promoting history for UPSC students and other competitive examinations.

A lot of people find inspiration in Snehwan, an organization founded by an engineer to support the children who are the survivors of farmers who committed suicide in Maharashtra.


The man continues to inspire us, and his name will live on through his interests and enthusiasm.

Help us make it a huge success so we can fulfill a man's dream.