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Idea called Café EQ

In order to help people comprehend the significance of emotional intelligence, we have an idea called Cafe EQ that aims to establish a community of specialists. Through this, we hope to spread the purpose and help India become a better-managed nation from an emotional standpoint by putting leaders on a platform where they can benefit society by sharing their experiences.

The major components of Cafe EQ are Leaders and Learners, Coffee with Experts, and Mission One Million.

Café EQ 6.0

Experience Café EQ 6.0 by Quantum Group, where we unite emotional intelligence specialists in insightful sessions. Join us as we empower India emotionally, aiming to impact one million individuals by 2030. Let's shape a more emotionally intelligent future together!

Café EQ 5.0

Team Quantum conducted an exceptional event, Café EQ 5.0, where we delved into the theme "Learn to Lead & Influence Effectively" and uncovered the true potential of Emotional Intelligence.   We were elated to have distinguished panellists for our event, including the lead speaker, Mr. Manoj Apte, along with panellists RJ Sangram Khopade, Dr. Niti Dewan and Mr. Adeeth Joshii. They graciously shared their invaluable expertise in leadership and business development, the discussion was moderated by Dr. Pratik P. SURANA (Ph.D.) The event took place on 9th September 2023 at the Strategy Hall of Hotel Blue Diamond, Koregaon Park, Pune.

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