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We are not makers of history. We are made by history.


Quantum Foundation

The Quantum Foundation is a trust founded by Quantum Group that is registered under India's trust act. We hope to benefit society and the echo system through a variety of social projects. Our goal is to influence society by educating the next generation about our rich cultural and historical legacy.

We want to build an emotionally literate society that is proud of and interested in learning about its history, culture, and values. By working with different societal segments to raise awareness and spark people's interest in history, culture, and mental health, we want to have a positive impact on society. The foundations of today's civilization may be found in who we were in the past.

Our values also influence how we feel and how we view the world. As a result, it's crucial that we understand our past, propagate an accurate, research-based history, and develop an emotionally intelligent workforce that is happier, more productive, and cognizant of the legacy that has shaped who we are.

What we do

Project Dharohar and Mission One Million are two great initiatives run by the Quantum Organization. While Mission One Million aims to create 1 million emotionally literate people by 2030, Project Dharohar designed to educate young people about our history and heritage.

How can you contribute?

There are several ways that you can support our organization and our initiatives. You could introduce us to professionals in the history and archaeology fields as well as media partners in print, radio, digital, and outdoor media in order to assist us in spreading the news of our initiatives.

Schools can also get in touch with us to collaborate with us on history groups. You can support our campaign in two different ways: through individual donations and contributions, or through CSR funding. If you are a young person who wishes to work with us for a good cause, you are invited to volunteer.

Benefits for you

If you volunteer and take part in our projects, you may be eligible for a variety of benefits. All volunteers, wardens, and champions will get certificates, medals, and photographs that can be posted on social media and other online platforms.

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